Round trip from Bardino Vecchio
It is a short circular ride that can be tackled in any season, both on beautiful winter days and in summer in the early morning or in the evenings that are still bright. The route starts from the square of Bardino Vecchio where the oratory of San Carlo Borromeo (parking) overlooks. Follow the road (via Costino) for 100m towards the sea, then take the small road that climbs to the left and makes two hairpin bends. The dirt road continues quite steep and after a while we leave on the right the path of the Liguria Path which descends to Tovo San Giacomo; after less than 100m, we also leave the dirt track for a steeper path in the middle of the pines which soon leads to the top of the hill. After passing a rocky point, you will find the ruins of the carrettesco Castello dei Folchi, which stood on the top. You go down again, meeting the dirt track just before its end and you can see on the right a half-hidden cross on a rocky precipice that bears this inscription: “I remember the holy year 1933 - 8-12-1934”; crosses like this testify to the custom, in rural areas, of placing crosses to bless the countryside in raised but close points, so that the cross could "look" at the territory to be blessed. Leaving the watershed on our left, we face a steep descent on a track to reach the track below and from here descend again on the path marked with the "Sentiero Liguria" signpost (coming from Pietra and Monte Grosso): turning left, follow it between the olive groves and woods to return to the departure.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]