A land that speaks the sea language


Places where words, as De André said, have ``the rhythm of the sailor who pulls the nets and pushes the oars``. Everything here leads back to the sea. The wind that blows and ripples the waves, the view that embraces the horizon and however far back you can go, even on the highest peak if you look closely you will see, beyond the clouds, the blue that shines. Whether you are a fearless explorer or a quiet observer, the precious treasures of this blue casket will enchant you. Let yourself be amazed by our blue. and the dancing seagulls.


Free to paddle to the horizon

SUP Experience

Going to sea aboard SUP boards gives you many emotions. Pushing yourself with the paddle, you will experience a sensation of contact with the unique sea and you will have a different perspective of what surrounds you, being able to discover glimpses and views of the historic center that would not be seen from the mainland.

A day on a sailing boat

Discovering the sea, the sky and nature in harmony

Leave the frenzy and stress on land, and get on board for a day on board a sailboat led by a skipper of great experience and passion: you can enjoy a simple and carefree life made of the sound of the wind between the sails, colors and scents of the sea, the beauty of the bays, the surprise of seeing a cetacean or a sea bird.

“Il mare ha tutta un’altra apertura di sogno” (Paolo Conte)


Looking at it from our hills, the sea rises to the horizon like an immense building of light. (Francesco Biamonti)

The world we are telling you about has this different from other possible worlds that one always knows where the east and the west are at all hours of the day and night. It is a sloping world with irregular differences in height, with protrusions and recesses, so we always find ourselves somehow on a balcony, overlooking a balustrade of a theater whose proscenium opens onto the void, onto the strip of high sea against the sky crossed by winds and clouds. (Italo Calvino)


Pietra Ligure ENDLESS EMOTIONS:relaxation, adventures, snorkeling, SUP, Whale Watching
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