A city to fall in love with


The heart of our city wakes up to the sound of the bells that mingles with the cries of the seagulls. Small shops open and cooking begins in the restaurants. In the alleys spreads the scent of freshly baked focaccia, hot porridge to take home, citrus fruits and freshly picked vegetables. Every corner in our historic center has a story to tell. Sometimes it's a true story, handed down from father to son to remind us how important traditions are. Sometimes it is a miracle, a legend, that makes this city proud.

Tour guidato nel centro storico


Local history is intertwined with great history in this itinerary which, starting from Palazzo Golli, now the Town Hall, will take you to discover the main monuments of the historic center, from the suggestive basilica of San Nicolò, built after the miracle of liberation from the plague in 1525 to the remains of the ancient Castrum et Oppidum Petrae, the castle of Pietra which still today seems to keep watch in defense of the city, passing through the ancient parish church of Piazza Vecchia, enclosed in the core of the old city, crossed by a maze of alleys (the “caruggi”). In the guide’s tales, you will retrace centuries of history from the first ancient settlements to the present day, between wars, glory and plagues


Leggende, misteri, curiosità raccontate da appassionati di cultura locale

The maze of narrow streets in the center hides fascinating and surprising secrets and stories … which you will discover on this original tour! For example, did you know that Ugo Foscolo, to whom one of the most characteristic alleys is dedicated, passed through Pietra Ligure and set one of the “Last letters of Jacopo Ortis” there? Passing through via Rocca Crovara have you ever had the impression of a glance that follows you? is the mystery that hovers over the fresco called “du Segnù” … which was once a stopping point for those sentenced to death! What do the different chrome-plated marbles that we walk on crossing “I Quattro Canti”, the intersection that represents the heart of the historic center, symbolize? These are the coats of arms of the four districts of ancient Pietra: A Ciassa Veggia (old square), U Fossu (the ditch), L’Ajetta, A Nunsià (the Annunziata). At number 55 of via Mazzini, behind the Mother Church, is the headquarters of the Guido Moretti Philharmonic Society, which, founded in 1518 is the first band in Italy! These and many other anecdotes in addition to the toponymy on the colored walls of the alleys, “in the original Pietrese language” will make us understand how the people of Pietresi care about their dialect and their stories and how much they do so that they are not forgotten and make the historic center even more suggestive. .

Guided tour outside the historic center


Even outside its historic center, Pietra offers many interesting walks. Like this guided tour that starting from Porta S. Caterina, will first take you to the Botanical Park, an enchanting colorful and fragrant garden where you can discover, thanks to a special signpost, the different species housed and some curiosities about the historical “characters” that populate it and then up to the archaeological site of Rocca delle Fene through an easy ascent with a spectacular sea view along the slopes of Mount Trabocchetto. Right here, in some caves, the remains of the first human settlements in this area were found, dating back to the Neolithic.


Virtual tour and Docufilm

Charming and enchanting village with paths and itineraries with breathtaking views


From the hill of the ancient rural village of Ranzi and from its medieval squares the view of the gulf is enchanting. There are numerous outdoor routes, for family walks and adrenaline-pumping rides on paths that offer breathtaking views.

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