All the Solutions in Pietra Ligure selected on your wishes


The accommodation facilities in Pietra Ligure meet the needs of a clientele looking for a quiet, familiar yet professional atmosphere. Whether it is families with children to whom spaces and services are dedicated throughout the holiday, sportsmen with equipment and bicycles in tow, tourists with pets or couples to offer a romantic memory. Many structures have sea views, swimming pools, green spaces, restaurants and parking spaces reserved for a “zero stress” holiday. You just have to choose among the many proposals the one that most closely resembles your idea of ​​a holiday!


via Paganini 52, Pietra Ligure

via Piave 35/2, Pietra Ligure

via San Francesco 72, Pietra Ligure

via Garibaldi 29/3, Pietra Ligure

via C. Battisti 43, Pietra Ligure

Via Ranzi, 106, Pietra Ligure

via San Sebastiano 20, fraz. Ranzi Pietra Ligure