With fins and snorkel... where the water is even bluer

Every submerged reef that can give an opportunity to make naturalistic observations is a good site for a SaltoNelBlu (jump into the blue). Snorkeling is a wonderful discovery activity! Our stretch of sea is rich in naturalistic treasures, each cliff is a 'home' to many species. Come and meet them, with your mask, snorkel, and fins, together with biologists andcertified instructors who will pass their great passion on to you.

This activity, dedicated to children and teenagers, combines sport, fun and knowledge of biodiversity, to give greater value to the seabed of the stretch of coast of Pietra Ligure below the Passeggiata di Levante.

Here, immediately close to the shoreline, the sea bottom is characterized by beachrock outcrops (a naturalistic emergency included in the Special Conservation Areas of Liguria), a real aquarium just a few meters from the shore!

The purpose of these excursions is undoubtedly to have fun and pass down the passion for the sea and its extraordinary beauty, but, above all, to make future generations aware of the natural treasures that must be preserved! SaltonNelBlu offers paid activities for children and adults to be agreed with instructors.

The SNORKELING Experience is one of the activities envisaged within the "Un Mare per Tutti" project

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Date and Time
Every Tuesday from July 4th to September 5th - 10.00
Naturalistic Snorkeling Center, Lungomare Falcone Borsellino
Salto nel blu
Free activity
Upon booking. Children from 8 to 16 must be able to swim. Personal mask and snorkel are mandatory. 2mm neoprene short wetsuits and fins, sanitized after every turn, will be available