When history meets adrenaline
Are you ready to go abseiling, cableways and climbing in the most beautiful and exciting places in the hinterland?
In fact, thanks to the adventure trails, it will be possible to explore some of the most fascinating geological structures of the Finale area with its formations of limestone rocks and its gray to pink rock cliffs which, in addition to giving the landscape a particularly suggestive aspect, show the typical characteristics of karst territories, with abundant presence of caves, located throughout the territory. The adventure trails are particularly suitable for groups and families and can be practiced all year round. In the case of the Grotta Pollera and the Grotta delle Fate the visit is allowed even on rainy days. The Ivy Cave. If you are an adventure lover and want to explore the natural riches of Finale, you certainly cannot miss a visit to the Ivy Grotto! In addition to being simply magnificent, it represents a good compromise between adults and children: you will be able to satisfy the co-environmental naturalist interests of adults and the playful needs of children. This adventure trail takes place in one of the most varied and interesting areas of Finale due to the beauty of the landscape and the presence of naturalistic and historical points of interest. Crossing the Ivy cave, with the spectacular initial descent (or alternatively with a fun cableway), will be an unforgettable experience!
Date and Time
Wednesday 26/6 - 10/7 - 17/7 - 7/8 - 9.00 am (or other time to be agreed)
Meeting in Perti Alto, church of Sant'Eusebio (Finale Ligure)
Società Guide Alpine Finale
For a fee - 45 euros - tourist card discount
Reservation Required - max 4 participants - light hiking clothing and footwear; equipment necessary for safety. - helmet, harness, lanyard, ferrule and climbing shoes - will be provided